Friday, April 26, 2013

Portrait of an Editor as a Hired Hand, Part Three

Why Quality Copyediting Is Crucial When You Self-Publish

Does the word copyediting make you want to run and hide? Is sorting out the nuances of the mechanics of language nausea inducing? Do terms like dependent clause and dangling modifier cause an eye roll? Ditto for the subtle yet important difference between an em dash and an en dash?

If you typically believe that grammar rules are out to get you, you’re not alone; you also don’t have to suffer. (Bugle blow, please.) All hail the copyeditor!

In Part One of this blog series, you learned that producing a book is akin to producing a play—neither are ready for an audience without multiple rehearsals, or editing rounds. And in Part Two, I gave you the lowdown on the granddaddy of developmental editing and why it commands the time and financial investment that it does. Now you’re wondering: But what about punctuation and all that stuff?

Oh, the grammar nerd in me is so happy you asked!