Friday, March 8, 2013

Portrait of an Editor as a Hired Hand, Part Two

Why Quality Developmental Editing Is Crucial When You Self-Publish

In Part One of this blog post, I illustrated how publishing a book without quality editing is like debuting a play without any rehearsal … a certain recipe for chaos and disaster!

No production—be it play, recital, or book—can greet an audience with pride and confidence if the producer hasn’t given it proper attention in the form of numerous run-throughs. These practice sessions allow for mistakes to be corrected, elements to be refined, cohesiveness to bloom. If you’re a writer, this is where your professional editor is indispensable.

As you prepare to pay hundreds—or, more likely, thousands—of dollars on top-notch developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading, it’s important for you to understand why the investment is one of the biggest and most important you’ll make in your book project. And as promised, this post will be day one of your backstage pass to uncover just what you’re paying that editor to do for you …