Friday, January 25, 2013

The Call of the Publisher: A Big Six House Joins the Self-Publishing Revolution

Traditional publishing has taken a significant hit in the last few years as e-books and self-publishing companies have sliced into its conventions of putting books in readers’ hands, so when Simon & Schuster recently announced they were launching a self-publishing service, I couldn’t help but find the news intriguing.

It may seem counterintuitive for a big house to embrace indie publishing, but when you consider what’s to gain, it actually makes perfect sense.

Think about it:

When an agent sells your book to a publisher, all the expense of producing your book—editing, interior design and layout, cover design—falls on the house. Then they pay the author an advance—more money out. If you’re lucky, you get some marketing attention from the publicity department, again at their cost. This investment on their part is, of course, with the expectation that your book will delight readers to the tune of earning back their gamble and more.

Imagine now the wheels turning in the minds of those running the publishing houses.

What if we could offer what CreateSpace or Lulu does, leave the control in the hands of the writer (which is a huge benefit of self-publishing), and reap some of the profit?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh, the Places Authors Can Go in 2013, Part Two

In part one of this blog post, Oh, the Places Authors Can Go in 2013, I shared the growing trend of publishers seeking out successful self-published authors on the Amazon “stage,” similar to how talented new singers are discovered on American Idol.

The question I posed was whether or not this “discovery”—and the subsequent courting of the author by the publishing company—was beneficial to the writer. The short (and not so glamorous) answer is: It depends.

Let’s paint a picture:

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oh, the Places Authors Can Go in 2013, Part One

Happiest New Year wishes to everyone! After a long, unintended hiatus I’m now back in full swing, keeping you in the loop on everything of interest in indie publishing ... and there’s a lot to share!

I’ve been eager to focus this exciting blog relaunch on where self-publishing is going in 2013, a topic of intrigue for all of us, and I believe this is an excellent place to start:

I’ve had a vivid vision these last months that self-publishing is quickly becoming to the writing world what American Idol is to the singing world. Where did that notion come from? Take a look:

Singer with talent = puts oneself on public stage = evaluation by fans and people in the biz = possible contract and stardom, if fortunate

Writer with talent = produces book on own for public platform = evaluation by fans and people in biz = possible contract and stardom, if fortunate

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How exactly does this work?