Monday, July 9, 2012

Gone with the Wind (or something like it ... )

Greetings All!

Blogging rule #1: Don't start a blog and then disappear.

So then where oh where have the posts been of late? Well, allow me to 'splain in as few words as possible ...

I just threw an enormous 80th birthday party for someone very dear to me. Kennedy-Center-Honors-caliber. It consumed my life completely. I'm just now recovering.

When I thought about the relation of the party to what I do for a living as a book doctor, I realized that editing and designing a book is a very similar experience (though the fancy favor boxes filled with chocolate are regrettably absent) ...

  1. Working on a client's book consumes my life for weeks, or often months, in a wonderful way.
  2. Attentiveness, thought, love, and caring is in every detail.
  3. The presentation has to be beautiful in all aspects.
  4. Words must be chosen carefully, certain to convey the intended message.
  5. The degree to which my heart is attached is immense.
  6. Most will never comprehend the extent of the small things that make the big thing look effortless.
  7. The happiness of the client/celebrated person is paramount. 

Who says I shouldn't have a favor box? I'm hereby putting one on my desk and periodically filling it with chocolate. I love what I do. I think it's worth celebrating. :-)

So whilst I run off to do that – and gather the hoards of self-publishing updates I've yet to sort through – I would like to post this video sent to me by my sweet friend, Pam. If you have a little time to sit and watch, you'll be delighted and enlightened by quite an entertaining expert on the subject of book design and the power of the printed narrative.

I highly recommend it for anyone thinking of self-publishing ... you'll appreciate your designer – and his or her task of creatively interpreting your text – with a bit more gusto afterward. :-)


Until soon!


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