Sunday, May 27, 2012

Are you there, writers? It's me, Stacey

For my opening post, I was going to jump right into the latest news in self-publishing (there’s so much exciting news to share!), but heck, you may not know me from Eve, so I’m thinking an introduction would be a much more appropriate foray into this blog venture.

That girl to the right is me (I know the term "girl" was a bit derisive in not-so-distant history, but I actually prefer it!). And yes, that profile below my name is an abbreviated version of this post (pay no attention to that just this once).

                                                     *   *   *   *   *

I love words and language ... spelling, vocabulary, style, syntax ... all of it. I proudly admit I've been a grammar nerd ever since I was a reading-obsessed child.

I had three vocational aspirations growing up: Righting the wrongs of public language abuse as sheriff of the Grammar Police; becoming a physician; and, of course, being a writer.

As it turns out, the Grammar Police Force exists only in my head (and, apparently, in the heads of a couple of Jeopardy contestants who’ve admitted the same obsession) ... science wasn’t really my strong suit ... and writing, well, let’s just say that when I finally stop editing it (fellow authors, you know what I mean), my novel – and the subsequent ones brewing in my head – will actually be available one day.

 So whilst I’ve always been a writer at heart, I found out later in life that I also loved design ... which over time, strangely and serendipitously brought me back to my dream of being a physician. Huh? Okay, so there’s no stethoscope around my neck, no white coat with my name embroidered on it ... but bedside – or rather, computerside – manner is indeed paramount in the profession, which is what I thought I’d be best at anyway.

Yep, I’m now a "book doctor" – editor, cover and interior designer, collaborator, hand-holder, and cheerleader for authors and their labors of love. The perfect marriage of my passions and expertise, I get to be my technical-creative-perfectionist-compassionate-nurturing self, all as I help people realize their dreams of being published. How great is that?

And with the publishing industry changing at lightning speed, and with self-publishing becoming not only a more viable, but desirable, way for writers to see their words in print, my goal is to stay on top of the barrage of innovations and updates, digesting the most important information out there so that you don’t have to.

I hope you’ll stay tuned ... I plan to keep authors (and aspiring ones!) in the loop on all things e-books, POD (print on demand), editing, i-books, book cover and book interior design, and more ... with a good measure of humor sprinkled throughout. I also promise creative blog post titles (you can weigh in with your votes!), the anecdotal Wednesdays with Stacey (Morrie had Tuesdays, so I’m claiming my own day of the week), and interactive discussions within our community.

There’s a lot of opportunity on the horizon for writers, and I look forward to blazing the trails together!

Stacey Aaronson is a professional Book Doctor who takes self-publishing authors by the hand and transforms their manuscripts into the books they've dreamed of—from impeccable editing and proofreading to engaging, audience-targeted cover and interior design—rivaling or exceeding a traditional house publication.

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