Sunday, May 27, 2012

Are you there, writers? It's me, Stacey

For my opening post, I was going to jump right into the latest news in self-publishing (there’s so much exciting news to share!), but heck, you may not know me from Eve, so I’m thinking an introduction would be a much more appropriate foray into this blog venture.

That girl to the right is me (I know the term "girl" was a bit derisive in not-so-distant history, but I actually prefer it!). And yes, that profile below my name is an abbreviated version of this post (pay no attention to that just this once).

                                                     *   *   *   *   *

I love words and language ... spelling, vocabulary, style, syntax ... all of it. I proudly admit I've been a grammar nerd ever since I was a reading-obsessed child.

I had three vocational aspirations growing up: Righting the wrongs of public language abuse as sheriff of the Grammar Police; becoming a physician; and, of course, being a writer.

As it turns out, the Grammar Police Force exists only in my head (and, apparently, in the heads of a couple of Jeopardy contestants who’ve admitted the same obsession) ... science wasn’t really my strong suit ... and writing, well, let’s just say that when I finally stop editing it (fellow authors, you know what I mean), my novel – and the subsequent ones brewing in my head – will actually be available one day.